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Advertising in The Courant is one of the most efficient and effective ways to use your print and internet advertising budgets.

The Courant is mailed via the US Post Office to approximately 19,500 homes each month and an additional 4500 are dropped off at gas stations, stores, restaurants, paper boxes and businesses.  We have grown from an 8 page, 5000 circulation paper in 2004  to a 16 to 28 page paper today.  Many of our advertisers have been with us almost the entire time we’ve been in existence. Grow your business like we have grown ours almost 500%.

We mail to homes in Pinckney, Lakeland, Hamburg, Whitmore Lake, Green Oak, South Lyon and Brighton and parts of adjacent communities.

Unlike coupon mailers and monthly advertising publications which go straight to the trash with other junk mail, The Courant has actual community news and events as well as a monthly calendar. The Courant often sits on people’s counter tops and table tops for an entire month until the next issue comes out.

When you advertise in the monthly printed version of The Courant your ad is also automatically included in the online version at  Hundreds of people each month flip through The Courant online, and your ad is then archived meaning your ad and more importantly branding will be available for years to come.  Our website is evolving and getting better updates all the time meaning more exposure for your business.

The Courant is a true community newspaper with articles, columns and opinions from people who live right here in the local area.  We are wholly owned and are not part of a big media conglomerate. When you advertise in The Courant you not only help yourself but you  help your community stay informed.

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Gary Wellings     Ph #  734-629-6010